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By the by, feel free to read all about our philosophy and process, but if you wish, you can always just give us a call – 202.596.2108.

Our company founder has long believed that an organization without a mission statement and/or a governing philosophy should stop whatever they’re doing and write one. Ours is all about commitments: to excellence, high-quality and sustainable ingredients, good corporate citizenship, and most of all amazing food.


“There are only two kinds of music: Good and Bad; I like the good kind” – Duke Ellington

We think the same applies to food. Cogito Ergo Sauté blends elements traditionally associated with French, Modern American, Italian, Cajun, and any other region that has a good idea to make the good kind of food. Another part of that is Cogito Ergo Sauté’s commitment to using… (read more)


“Be more impressed with the person who asks the best questions than the one who gives the best answers” – CES dating advice that also applies to finding a personal chef

The process starts with a conversation during which we will ask far more questions than the number of answers we will provide. Beyond the basics of date, location, size, and type of event you will be hosting, we will be mainly concerned with the style of cuisine that most appeals to you, your favorite restaurants, wines, and too many other things to list. We want to get to know you… (read more)

Frequently Asked Questions

What does your service include? Our pricing is all-inclusive. For most events, the following is covered: menu planning, purchasing, advance prep, on-site prep, and clean-up. Like all good chefs, we clean as we go which means that for most dinner parties, we have cleaned the kitchen and are leaving shortly after the service of the final course.

What if I have a small kitchen? We’re not going to pretend that size doesn’t matter. However, the size of your kitchen only limits the breadth… (read more)

Terms & Conditionsread the details here

Monthly Mailing List

We’d love it if you would join our monthly mailing list. Our newsletter will dish about new and/or under the radar restaurants, kitchen gadgets, new recipes, special offers, advance notice of events, and all kinds of fun stuff. We will NEVER sell or give away your information… (read more & join here)


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