Pricing & Discounts


It is virtually impossible to provide specific pricing information about an unknown event. Prices are influenced by the following considerations, among many others:

  • Cost of source ingredients

  • Complexity of the dishes and the amount of cooking / prep time associated with them – for most events, we are cooking for many hours before we arrive at the event site

    Distance we have to travel

  • Number of courses

  • Short notice bookings

  • Overnight stays

  • The number of prep/service staff required to make your event fabulous

  • Wine pairings

  • Mean and/or humorless person surcharge

Given the aforementioned considerations, the starting point or range for event pricing is as follows:

Dinner for Two

$300 – $1500

Dinner for Four

$400 – $4000

Dinner for Six

$500 – $7000

Wine Pairings

$30.00 / person (can be much higher depending on the wines selected and the number of courses)

Wine Classes

$30.00 / person (can be much higher depending on the wines selected and the number of wines tasted) 3 person minimum

Cocktail Classes

$20.00 / person (at this price, client would be responsible for the ingredients) 4 person minimum

Cooking Classes with Dinner

$100 – $500/ person


$300 – $4000

Pricing estimates are not inclusive of applicable local taxes and gratuities.

All events are subject to the Terms & Conditions of the CES Event Agreement.


  • Active Duty or Retired Military – 10%

  • Teachers, Firefighters, Police Officers, Social Workers & Other Do-Gooders – 10%

  • No Cleaning Discount – 5 to 10% depending on the size of the job

  • Senior Citizen Discount – 5% (10% on gift certificates)

  • Returning Client Discount – 5%, 10% if next event is booked within three weeks of prior event

Discounts may not be combined or used in conjunction with other promotions.

We also have a pretty generous referral program.


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