Family Meal

Nearly all restaurants make “family meal” for staff to eat before a shift. For really good restaurants, cooking for one’s colleagues is an honor and privilege taken very seriously even if the chef is using extra ingredients from prep. For Cogito Ergo Sauté, family meal usually takes the form of Danny cooking for whichever friends he can summon for Sunday Dinners to help eat the food left from the weekend’s events.

Now we have decided to offer family meal to our clients and prospective clients as a lower cost way to enjoy the hospitality of our little company.

How It Will Work / Answers to Anticipated Questions:

  • No, you will have very little control of the menu. It will be at least four courses and will be comprised from the ingredients from Friday & Saturday’s menus.
  • Of course, all of the ingredients will still be fresh and showing optimally or we won’t serve them.
  • Sunday Dinner will be offered at 50% discount.
  • As this is Danny’s day-off and suburban driving makes him kinda cranky, Sunday Dinner will only be available to those in DC or close-in suburbs.
  • To book a Sunday Dinner, please inquire by the prior Tuesday.
  • Sunday Dinner may not always be on Sundays.
  • Ordinary Events will always be given preference over discounted events, but once a Sunday Dinner is booked, it is booked.


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